Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Reunion Planning Info

Reposted from Sherry O'Neal's post on Facebook (please join the Facebook group to get this info directly!):

If you were one of the several folks (thank you) who told me [Sherry] or another classmate they wanted to help, but couldn't make our first meeting, here is what we are working on.

* doing a golf tourney the Friday before (which usually raises money for our flower fund for classmates)
* going to a restaurant/venue to hang out that evening for those interested. This will be an on-your-own event.
* a Saturday evening event - some want casual and some want more formal so weigh in on this. The issues are liability for something not done at a hotel where we pay someone to serve a cash bar. We might have to purchase insurance if we do it at another location. Some like the hotel option so they can spend the night.
* going out in downtown Raleigh after the event to close it down!
* because we don't know the availability of the venues, we are tentatively planning on Aug. 26-27, 2011. This is NOT SET IN STONE so keep referring back to these updates or to our blog.

Feel free to e-mail or call me with suggestions [join the Facebook group - link above - to be in touch with Sherry] If you know anyone from DJ to caterer to hotel that will give us discounts, please let us know! The more savings we have can get up front, the less it will cost to attend per person.

Thanks to those 10 people who were there Tuesday! We need input from as many classmates as possible! Spread the word and ask your friends from the Class of 1981 to sign up on Facebook or to get put on our e-mail list or to go to our Web site or blog or follow us on Twitter. Thanks!

Links to all of the connection options are at:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next Reunion Mtg : JUNE 7

Reposting info from Sherry O'Neal:
Great reunion meeting tonight (May 4) at Rudino's! Thanks to all of you who were present tonight and to those of you who contacted me about conflicts but want to help.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, June 7 at 7 p.m. - White Oak Shopping Center (near the theaters) at Shuck ’Em Shack Oyster Bar, 1177 Timber Drive East, Garner (919) 772-7035. I'll post a recap on our GSHS Class of 1981 FB page tomorrow!

AND we are now on Twitter too

Follow us!

Please join our FACEBOOK for best/fastest info!

Hello classmates - Just a reminder that we have a very active Facebook group now with lots of classmates participating, and info shows up there first. Please join us there to get the latest news most efficiently!!/group.php?gid=33648708441

For instance...Reunion planning for our 30th has begun and there will be meeting dates and notes posted about t
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