Sunday, July 19, 2015

News about classmate Tim Messer

Dear Classmates,

As some of you already know, our fellow classmate, Tim Messer suffered a stroke on July 1, 2015. As of date, he has endured 2 surgeries at Rex, and has since been moved to a Live-in Rehab facility at Wake Med, where at this time his prognosis is uncertain as to when he will be able to return home.

Tim has owned his own small business...cutting grass/landscaping/cleaning gutters etc...since 1981, and this is his ONLY means of income. Along with your prayers if you would like to help Tim, we have set up a fund:

Please make your check out to:

address your envelope to the following address:
The Sound Bank
c/o DeAnna Bousman
P.O. BOX 943

There is also plans of a golf tournament in the works. A donation letter to his elderly clients (who don't use computers) will be mailed out, and an update will be posted as we are made aware of exactly what his needs will be in the near future.

My sincere thanks to all who have worked so hard in the past couple of weeks to rally together for our classmate! This is what we do!

GOD Bless!
Lori Poole Townsend