Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Next planning meeting: August 23

We are still determining location, but we need help from ALL classmates. Our goal is to make sure we have contact info for as many classmates as possible, whether they want to attend the reunion or not.

To save costs, we hope that we can digitally get our Facebook group numbers up. Please check through your friends list on FB and ask those who aren't currently in our FB group to join.

Next meeting is finalizing contracts. We are looking at two hotels and working on the best price to keep our costs down. Also, we go on the hunt for classmates. Chris Phillips searches for folks for us. I have addresses from the 25-year for all who attended, but it is hard to track down everyone. We need your help!

Please, attend a meeting, send an e-mail to if you have a new address (physical or e-mail), invite your friends to join our FB group and spread the word!

Full of spirit, full of fun; We're the Class of 81!